Information on Bill C-290

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Until today, there are different sectors which are arguing about the legalization of certain casino games. Opposing opinions are trying to convince each other, and yet no one is giving up their own outlook. One of these unsettled issues is the passing of Bill C-290.

Joe Comartin has proposed Bill C290, which aims to legalize wagering on a single sports event. The said game is currently tagged as illegal in Canada. Its criminal code states that such act is prohibited. Thus, Comartin's bill is made to amend that specific part of the criminal code.

The said bill has been passed by the House of Commons. It has been approved with a unanimous decision from all its members. However, the same bill has been declined in the Senate. Comartin mentioned it is "shameful" that the Senate failed to pass the bill into a law.

In 2011, the bill is created and introduced to public. After passing it in the House of Commons, the said bill has been sent to Senate in March 2012. Since then, the bill does not make any progress.

As explained by the author of the bill, Bill C-290 is meant to prevent organized crime. Comartin stated "it's a great method to fight organized crime," because of the large money involved in such activity. With this bill, the game would be totally regulated.

On top of the regulatory concern, Comartin added the proposed bill serves as "a job creation tool, not just for this community but for a number of communities across the country." He claims that such bill can create or keep 250 opportunities for those who are looking for jobs. As wagering on a single sports event becomes legal, people can have legal jobs too.

Since not all people in the government are in favor of Bill C-290, oppositions are against passing this bill. Conservative Senator Vern White, who strongly opposes the bill, mentioned that "organized crime is doing it, so why don't we do it too?" He firmly believes that there is no need to amend the criminal code for such bill.

The Bill C-290 is prospected to widen the casino gaming industry. So White said that Canada does not need more gambling.