Is Playolg A Solution Or Not To Ontarians Looking For Casino Fun?

When looking for an internet casino Ontario users have a choice. They can either review other casinos outside of Canadian borders or alternatively stick close to home and register at PlayOlg. Is the difference really that massive; are they up to speed yet with what they need to deliver?

The concept behind the legislation that saw the introduction of PlayOlg seems to have been a sound one, and on Jan 1, 2015 the virtual doors opened amidst a lot of fanfare, news and promotion. As far as the Government were concerned anything that would plug this black hole that was part and parcel of their budget deficit had to be a good thing.

From the player's perspective, if they are a regular gambler and already have overseas casino accounts they can be forgiven at having a quiet chuckle at what the public has been presented with. But what everyone has to realise is that the Government's financial shortfall is the citizen's shortfall as well. Everybody is in it together. This is a creative way to try to address a serious problem, and let's not forget its early days!

The casino is built on a solid foundation. It encourages players to be responsible and they even focus on players not stretching beyond their means. A very different philosophy than some of the online casinos offering larger bonuses to attract new players to funnel through their VIP process where it is said 90% of their gaming revenue is generated from. Still there has to be a meeting of the ways, in time perhaps?

Being a work in progress, this won't immediately be a player pleaser. There are very few games that can currently be played, however they are good and even comparable to what one would expect elsewhere. This is just the beginning and new games and improvements will be rolled out as the casino develops.

It is important to note that this is not a commercial enterprise in the strict sense of the word. This is not being funded with venture capital, where money is no problem. Also everyone at the top in this case is accountable for their actions, and the last thing the Government wants to see is for this huge leap of faith to backfire on them!

If everyone gets involved in the spirit of supporting Playolg, this is something everyone will be able to say they did their part to make it a success. If it helps in keeping taxes pegged back, surely it's worth it for that alone, doesn't everyone agree!