How a Mobile Online Casino is Different

A mobile online casino typically refers to a suite of games from a particular venue that can be played on a phone but, with the introduction of tablets and netbooks, it also refers to these, as well. Mobile gaming has certainly come a long way in the last few years and now even iPhone users can enjoy a wide variety of real online casino games right from their phones.

History of Mobile Gaming

Online gaming has only been around since the mid-1990s, around the time that the internet was widely available in the homes of average consumers. During this time, very few people even owned mobile phones, much less played games on them. As the demand for better technology increased, both cell phones and online casinos got better and better. Then, around the year 2000, casino software developers began inventing ways to create cell phone casinos that could be enjoyed on the go.

Smaller Displays

The first thing that separates a mobile online casino from its traditional counterparts is the size of the screen. Software developers had to create ways for players to be able to see all of the necessary parts of the game on such a small screen. Mobile games have a different design and are often simplified in such a way that all of the important aspects such as the cards, dice, betting options, spin buttons, and so forth, are visible on a small cell phone screen. This way, players do not have to strain their eyes and they can still see everything they need to be successful at the game.

Mobile Phone Operating Systems

Another thing that casino software developers had to consider was the operating system on various telephones. Prior to about 2008, this was not much concern since most phones were quite simple. However, with the introduction of mobile smartphones with iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows Mobile operating systems, many things had to be completely rewritten. As an example, iOS, which is used on the Apple iPhone, does not support Flash. This means that additional ways of developing content had to be created.

Types of Venues Available

These days, there are plenty of gambling venues that are available to players who want unique experiences. For instance, players can choose to download an entire suite of cell phone casino games, or they can choose a venue that offers something like poker or bingo exclusively. In either case, players can find exactly what they want. What's more, many of these mobile casinos tie directly into traditional online casino accounts. This means that players can access their banking screens on the go!

Gaming on the Go

With the new technologies that make mobile online casino software so sophisticated, players can truly enjoy their favorite games wherever they go. Whether they are waiting to pick up the kids from school, commuting to work on the subway or even passing time on their lunch breaks, they can play blackjack, poker, roulette and even the world's most popular progressive slots right from their mobile devices.