Gambling Addicts: Getting Help

There are certainly plenty of gambling addicts in Canada, and that's unfortunate news for people living in provinces where the activity isn't legalized. Something that is supposed to be enjoyable, fun and sometimes even profitable can turn into a nightmare not only for the affected individual, but also for his or her family and friends.

Many gambling addicts don't even realize they have a problem until they are already thousands of dollars in debt. Any behavior that causes a disruption to normal life events - whether psychological, physical, work-related or even social - is a problem. As such, it is important for everyone to learn the warning signs so that they can determine if they have an issue, or even so that friends and family members can intervene if things seem like they're going too far. The earlier these people are able to recognize the issue and get help, the better. Most people can and do recover, though it takes time, patience and a lot of dedication.

Some of the warning signs to look out for include spending more money than intended, losing sense of time, continually increasing wager sizes as money is lost, placing rogue bets to make up for losses, and truly believing that there is something that can be done to 'outsmart' the house. Something that everyone should always remember is that when they are playing casino games, either online or off, the house always has the edge over them. It is true that certain games can be more profitable than others, but there is absolutely no way to win every single time. Gambling addicts often think that if they try harder or spend more money, they'll walk away thousands of dollars richer in the long run.

People who believe they may be gambling addicts, their families and their friends sometimes feel frustrated because they aren't sure where they can turn for help. Gamblers Anonymous is a worldwide organization that costs nothing to join, and they offer programs to help individuals get their lives under control. Most of the casinos on the web today also promote safe gambling and provide individuals with the ability to 'lock' their accounts, either for a short period of time or permanently at their discretion. While this doesn't always solve the issue on its own, it's a great feature and one that people should make use of if they believe that their habits are causing issues.

If you think that you or someone you know is suffering from an addiction of this sort, please do not hesitate to reach out for help. Gamblers Anonymous, the Responsible Gambling Council in Canada and other groups have dedicated time and resources to help thwart these issues before they ruin lives. This is a pastime that is supposed to be a fun activity and one that leads to laughter, so if there comes a point when it's leading to nothing but frustration or tears, these agencies and support groups exist to help.